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Hi all,
Unfortunately, I no longer have access to Photoshop as my trial ran out so I cannot accept avatar commissions (or finish the project I was working on— yet) but I have other options available for you!

I am interning in DC this summer and need some extra money as it’s an unpaid internship (with an amazing, wildlife-related organization!!!) and my commuting costs will be high. I can manage most of it from my savings but the extra $20-$40 for $220/month is unfortunate in light of my tight budget already and I’d like some extra cash so my savings account doesn’t vanish entirely. I’d love to do a couple of simple sketch/experimental commissions this month and through June and July using Manga Studio. This would also be a great opportunity to experiment with a simpler style of coloring for me. See… for examples of my work/quality and how I do my payment.

Sketches - portrait $5 // fullbody $7
add color +$1 // $2 respectively
These will be smaller in size than below.

Simple colored portrait - $10

Simple colored fullbody - $15

Experimental portrait - $15

Experimental fullbody - $20

if you want a background or design we can talk about it/negotiate
My poem, a spring mourningThe stain of flesh
darkened rusted earth
and sweetened the taste
of the wolf thief.
With careless paws
he left a blood trail
congealed by claret skin,
littered with debris.
Woody stems screamed:
their house of tendrils and twigs
had been ravaged,
their raspberry children
forever lost to a glutton.
, has been published in Z Publishing House's anthology, Virginia's Best Emerging Poets! You can read more about the anthology and purchase it here. It's not the first time I've had a poem published, but it is the first time my work has been published outside of a school-related publication in college and in high school.
...normally I don't "celebrate" watcher "milestones," or pay attention to them. I certainly will not be able to complete "the big piece" I had wanted to this summer, but was never particularly motivated to, either. I am, if you haven't noticed already, gravitating more towards written work and given my current condition will probably stick to that.

 Aside from my shortcomings and personal gravitations, I simply want to ask what you all, if anything, would like to see from me art and/or writing-wise in the future. I, of course, cannot guarantee anything will come out of this, but I want to hear your thoughts since I just noticed and thought it would be cool to ask. (-:

EDIT: aaand the mistakes have already been made in this journal; I have fixed them.
I said I'd be opening commissions soon... that was two years ago.
I've had a PayPal for a couple of months, and with the arrival of summer, I am now accepting commissions.

Note that most of what I draw are wolves due to the nature of those who have requested art from me in the past. You MAY request other animals; however, for the sake of all living things, please do not request humans from me. I will evaluate non-wolf commissions on a case-by-case basis.

If you are interested, please send me a note. I will give you a form to fill out from there.

I reserve the right to change prices, change payment terms, and change what I offer. I have (for your sake) included some honest notes about my work.

Shasta Avatar by Koahara Mauve Avatar by Koahara Resool Avatar (Updated) by Koahara Koa Avatar 2 2015 by Koahara

Avatars, or "icons" will be 100 x 100, and priced at $15 each. I work directly on this size; therefore, you will not receive a larger size of your avatar than the size you requested.
Bullet; Yellow Please note: these are usually my best work because I have done these so often. If you *want* to commission something from me, I recommend you commission one of these. (:
Bullet; Yellow Terms of payment: You will pay me after the avatar is completed.

Larger avatars, or "icons," will range from 50 x 150, 150 x 200, or 200 x 200 in size, and will range in price, from $17, $19, and $21, respectively. I work directly on this size; therefore, you will not receive a larger size of your avatar than the size you requested.
Bullet; Yellow Please note: these will be in the style of the 100 x 100 icons; the only difference is in the size.
Bullet; YellowTerms of payment: You will pay me after the avatar is completed.

Simple portraits will be 1500 x 1500 in size, and the coloring style will be akin to KOAHARA, with a simple background; these will be $35 each. I work directly on this size; therefore, you will not receive a larger size than the size you requested.
Bullet; Yellow Please note: I am more likely to take creative liberties with portraits in terms of coloring than avatars; therefore, please commission at your own risk, as the style of coloring may change from one portrait to the next. Please also be aware that these are HEADSHOTS, and NOT full-body portraits (unlike the example I linked).
Bullet; YellowTerms of payment: You will pay me after the simple portrait is completed.

Detailed portraits will be at a default price of $60 (size pending). The level of simplicity for the background will affect the price; please note me with what you are interested in as a background for more details, and we can talk then. I work directly on this size; therefore, you will not receive a larger size than the size you requested.
Bullet; Yellow Please note: I am more likely to take creative liberties with portraits in terms of coloring than avatars; therefore, please commission at your own risk, as the style of coloring may change from one portrait to the next. Please also be aware that these are HEADSHOTS, and NOT full-body portraits.
Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange  If you would like to see a (currently unfinished) example of what your detailed portrait could look like, please message me and I will provide you with said example; the piece is something that I am working on and, while not at the same size, will be something I try to achieve style-wise with your portrait.
Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange  Given the price of the portrait, I am willing to be flexible (but not too flexible) in terms of receiving payment when the portrait is done.
Bullet; Yellow Terms of payment: You will pay me after the detailed portrait is completed.
Hey everyone,
This suffices as an "update" journal. I'm working on a four-part narrative poem and should be finished soon. I will post it after it is turned in and/or graded.
I plan on returning to artwork once the holidays arrive. There is a certain piece I would like to finish, so I will attempt to do so during that time.
Hope you all are doing well!
I've been busy with college and working on a lot of writing pieces for my creative writing class. So, I'll post them once they are graded/possibly once the course is completed. Hope everyone is doing well. :)
- Koa
Figured you guys deserved some kind of list and an update.

:icondark-arctic-fox: - Kiriban :bulletyellow:
Avatars for WolfQuest (7) - :bulletred: (I've completed 2, 7 left)
Personal Painting 1 - :bulletyellow:
Personal Painting 2 - :bulletyellow:(Undergoing revisions)
Personal Painting 3 - :bulletyellow: (Just started)

#3 I just started as I was inspired by something today while going to school. This is something completely out of my comfort zone and not something I'd normally attempt to paint, but we'll see whether or not it is finished.

This list does not include things from years' past *cough* fox painting *cough*.
Sorry for the inactivity. It does not help when Photoshop and my tablet do not cooperate (and I need Photoshop 100% for my avatars). I am restricted to using Manga Studio, which is fine, but for avatars it does not allow me to get as detailed as Photoshop because of all the blending settings. It's better for bigger pieces, though, which is why I've been starting on all of these new/larger projects. I just can't seem to finish anything...
Note me with a screenshot if you get it.
FYI, I'll be opening up commissions soon... so stay tuned!
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Hey everyone!
I know I've been sluggish with the artwork submissions and getting everything done. Planning on doing a few more trades/requests (whatever is leftover) and then continuing to submit "big pieces" (i.e., "The Coming Storm", etc. but they aren't actually "big" haha) and things of that nature that are more personal works that attempt to challenge myself.

 I definitely want more animals in my gallery instead of wolves all the time since WolfQuest is obviously closing and I don't really need to do much wolf artwork anymore. I have a lot of unfinished sketches of other animals, so I want to paint those digitally. Are there any animals you'd like to see in particular?

EDIT: I have AC4 for PS4 now, but I have to start over on both singleplayer (as expected) and multiplayer (not expected). I'll be focusing on singleplayer for now and will finish multiplayer for the platinum, which will probably be around February or March.

As far as future plans go... I'm interested in dabbling with YouTube a bit and doing either walkthroughs/gameplays/AC multiplayer/drawing videos/possibly makeup videos (LMAO probably not) and a variety of things. Of course, I don't have any sufficient equipment whatsoever/definitely won't get any new gameplay equipment until the PS4's release (i.e., PS4 cameras/microphones), but yeah. I think that would be fun to try out.
    I haven't actively played Toontown since October of 2008 and afterwards my subscription was cancelled. I had a trial account when I was in kindergarten or first grade and then subsequently got a real account afterwards to use for myself and share it with my sister. My main toon was Pearl and I was able to get her up to 115 lp with no Sound track or anything. Over the years of its development, Toontown has grown a lot, and when I first started playing, Cashbot HQ had just been released (I think... Cashbot was the first one my toon discovered but Sellbot I found later? Probably got them reversed in terms of release so I apologize, it has been awhile). The community has seen the addition of two headquarters since then (Lawbot and Bossbot HQ), two additional maps (Goofy's Speedway followed by Chip and Dale's Acorn Acres), countless new trolley games (Jungle Vines, the slingshot one, and some of the newer ones that I don't know or remember), and a multitude of additions and new content. I liked the game a little too much and it often took up my free time, especially when we moved and I became isolated.

But as much as it overly engaged me, it was, whether I liked it or not, a part of my childhood, and I felt that it was important enough to be mentioned. I met some awesome people on there, and while I don't keep in touch with them anymore (or their accounts were taken by hackers), I want to thank them for putting up with me and my childish ways and the good 'ol secret friend (and then "true friend") codes I had to spell out with the old speed chat.

  For those of you that I never met in-game but loved Toontown nonetheless, I am so glad that you were able to enjoy one of the best games for families of this decade. It will be missed.

I haven't visited since May of 2011 (thought it was September but I found the screenshot I took and its dated in May), and I'm now a junior in highschool, but I can't help but feel this way. It seems though that the TT community is still as warm and welcoming as ever, and I hope it continues to stay that way. <3 All the best, you guys.…
FOR YEARS, the public has been under the spell of an ongoing ring of deception; a vicious circle which has forced the masses of the American people to believe the endangerment of a species that, by far, has received more attention than its more deserving counterpart, C.l. baileyi.

Unlike the thousands of people that have mindlessly copy and pasted comments, brainwashed by organizations that truly underestimate the extent of the "wolf issue," I have personally taken the time to write a 21-page long letter that shall exemplify the disastrous after-effects of wolf, the government, and the media.  I urge you to take this work with the utmost seriousness. Because at the end of the day, the ones that are copying and pasting are the followers and bystanders. They truly believe that they are doing the right thing, which is all well and good, but they are not writing their own words. They are not speaking with their own voice. They speak with a voice that has been casted down upon them and they've been told, "This is the right way this is how you can save wolves," and then they paste it and continue on with their lives., without looking beyond the press. They are not the leaders, and they are not the path to change. They are not the path to what is right. So I urge you again, please listen to what I am about to tell you, and consider it precious, for what I am doing is the path less traveled, and that shall make all the difference.

           The case of C. lupus defines an era of over-zealous environmental groups which prey on innocent and eager minds. I needn't dwell on this much; those who have not been taken victim by these haphazard organizations are the only voices left of reason in the case of the wolf. They all say, "We must save the thing we've worked so hard to protect," yet why is it then that other animals must suffer in the wake of the invasive gray wolf? Must we cast them aside to make way for an animal that essentially came from a different country? The gray wolves we have today are not native. They arrived from Canada during the 1990s introduction (some call it, "re-introduction") of wolves into Yellowstone. Because these wolves are from Canada and exist in bountiful numbers that surpass those  currently in the United States, aren't these environmentalist groups attempting to needlessly protect something that already exists up north en masse by the tens of thousands? These animals are not unique. They are not the great and true American wolf that once roamed the continental to-be United States centuries ago. Instead, the C. Lupus of America is a surrogate for the vanished American wolf; a mere band-aid that is being placed on generations of human destruction and eradication. Sorry folks, but things aren't patched up like that so easily. You cannot erase the past, and so you must move on with the future. Here, let me show you how.

On top of the guise, these "native wolves" are already at a stable level in population regards. They have exceeded all expectations set out for them as a "re-introduced species," and whether one is willing to acknowledge them as non-native or not (the environmentalist groups have been quick to claim them as our own), the point is that C. lupus undoubtedly has better cards than that of its ever-diminishing genetically non- diverse kin, C. lupus baileyi.

Cause a stink about gray wolves? No problem! Sic the environmentalist groups on the non-believers and grab their naive fanbase to deliver a full-on assault of inaccuracy and outdated information. But why can't all of this attention be directed to saving Mexican gray wolves? Why must a stable species be given all of the limelight when C. lupus baileyi is slipping away from our very hands?

The reason is simple -- there are too many organizations and environmentalist groups with inaccurate and completely misguided information on gray wolves. Imagine if you could take all of this unnecessary attention for the gray wolf and re-direct to the Mexican gray wolf. We might actually be able to get something done about them for once.

And yet, if anyone daresay that the gray wolf deserves to be non-endangered, one should count their blessings to avoid a dog-pile of hapless, copied-and-pasted "The gray wolf still is not stable, we must keep them protected! I support (insertorganizationhere), and if we do not protect them, we'll be the bad humans we were decades ago and they'll go extinct!" because that, in essence, is the same message behind every worthless protesting comment.

They say that to reach a genius, one must go through a thousand idiots.

To save the less than 100 wild Mexican gray wolves, one must go through 9,000 of their United States C. Lupus overloads, their whimsical "scientific" environmentalist backing, their misleaded enthusiastic fanbase, and all.  Essentially, the latter can be defined as all idiots.
I present to you, with utmost sincerity, the truth about the gray wolf.


This is not a final copy.

Suggestions/further explanations that are well-placed are welcomed. I am in need of content to add. I currently have 9 pages worth of general rebuttals against these nonsensical IDA copy-and-paste comments, but I wish to cover more.!document…

(If you are wondering, I am for the removal of the gray wolf and agree with the Mexican wolf's proposal, as well. The majority of comments on the above link are against the removal of the gray wolf. LOL.)
I usually play Assassin's Creed 3: Multiplayer on the PS3 and generally stick with Team Objectives like Artifact Assault and sometimes Manhunt. I'm having a hard time finding people I know who play/want to play that aren't on the Xbox... so if anyone out there has some experience and wants to have a team match, let me know. Almost 2nd prestige I think, so I'm only 1* right now with a few more levels to go. I generally play offensively and need a strong defense for my offensive strategies to work, and I haven't had a really great start to this season so I've been backing off from playing but would like to pick up the pace a little. (Although I won't be on much next week as I will be busy.) Thanks! ^o^
Hi everyone!
Apparently I am quite close to reaching 300 watchers.. about nine away or so at the time of this journal entry. It's time I thank everyone for all of their support. I still have two commissions and a few others things to finish up (currently working on one at the moment) and a lot of other requests, trades, and kiribans to work on. I may not be the fastest person when it comes to whipping out artwork, but trust me, I try to make it as timely as possible.
Thanks for bearing with me and supporting my artwork all this time. When I reach 300 watchers, I plan on making something (or a few things!) special for everyone (think free icons & possible lineart and bases, though I am still uncertain about the latter) when I acquire more spare time. Thanks again, and stay tuned!
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Working on a commission.

Sometimes likes to freeze, so I'll have to restart it if that happens, and will update this with a new link.
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May start them.. they should be pixels but I haven't done it in a long time so we'll see.
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After alllll this time I realized my pen tablet had no pen pressure. BUT after I kinda broke my preferences files/properties/settings/everything else with the tablet, I do have pen pressure.

So expect better drawings from me. :3

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1. Post these rules
2. Each tagged person must post 10 thing about themselves on their journal
3. At the end, you have to chose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal entry.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them
5. No tag backs


1. I am lazy. >:D
2. I find certain objects tasty.
3. I hate being tagged because I dislike answering these questions; they take too long.

can't concentrate; puppy is screaming her head off.
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It is just making dots, and then seven seconds later it will make a straight line. I've tried adjusting the settings, etc. and it still isn't working. It works with Microsoft Paint, but I was only testing a small size. It just isn't working with big sizes on Photoshop, and my computer isn't really bothered by it either. I was trying to finish the second page of my ToH (Tapestry of Horror) audition but it has started the straight line/dot issue.
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Journal Entry: Sat Jun 12, 2010, 4:18 PM

New journal skin since it seems we are able to use them now (:

Finished the first page of my ToH audition; working on the second half. Dr. Kaghn and his cannibalistic pen are fun to draw. I'll probably be able to finish by the due date if all goes as planned.

I'm accepting point commissions; want to draw other peoples' characters and such. 15 points per commission (colored)? Does that sound reasonable?
Commissions will be take awhile, just a fair warning.

Character Sketches- 5 points
Character/Background (<just a one-colored or color-shaded background)- 10 points
Character/Background (<scenery)-15 points

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Along with a redo of the entire plot and title page (that's an explanation of why I keep re-doing things; wondering if I can make them better) I've re-named the comic to be called 'Revenge of Reality'. I have a few character names as well as  a definite idea for the plot in my head.

(before the comic started; prologue)

Anyway, so 'Revenge of Reality' is about a small, isolated forest's population of wolves and how they grew greedy and how they were tired of their everyday challenges. They hated reality and how it was so harsh and cruel; even though it did share its fruits of happiness and joy. They especially despised that their lives were not fair at all. Illness, famine, death..rewarded anyone; not just the ill-mannered or cold hearted.

The wolves heard about a fox who controlled reality, and, in disbelief, tracked the fox down and poisoned him with their madness and yells of pain and insanity in hopes of sealing away his power, which would utimately reward them with the life of their dreams.

(comic setting v)
The fox wakes up after those 100 years and then slowly tries to bring reality back into focus. (also known as 'the real world' type of view, because this little guy hates fantasy-like lives and 'happy endings')


I really wanted to focus on a much different type of plot; something that keeps the story in a dream-like/surreal state and that builds up the characters personalities as the story progresses; whether changes or conflicts will hinder that, I'm not so sure.

This story will be very fictional, but it will not have 'sparkly wolves/animals' or anything of that matter. Yes, some pelts and actions will be slightly unrealistic/unrealistic in general, but trust me, I will not go overboard nor do I plan to. And the plot will have some turns that you wouldn't think of... (sorry if that plot sample sounded dull; it will be more exciting in the comic)

I also am not a fan of 'good versus evil' characters and plot layouts...its too
much of a cliché and it seems that almost ever comic on here has it. It's not a bad thing if you know how to make the plot complex and far from simple and predictable. On that note, I only have 'bad' (not evil!) and one particular 'insane' character, because both of those fit the plot anyway. There are no 'good' characters, or 'heroes', because both 'sides' have major flaws within themselves and both have good (right) and bad (wrong) intentions.
In my opinion, they're all insane. ^^

I've always wanted to have an insane character in my comic, but I didn't want them to be 'evil' the fox's power of reality came into my mind. The power to bring back reality is a plus, right? (:

Sorry if this entry offended anyone..just explaining why the plot seemed kind of odd...
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