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THE HOLLOW - Chapter 2
Three years ago, once pristine wildwoods had reached their dehydrated hell. Summer had just peaked, and the leaves started to ease into fall. Mild temperatures were the usual on the heels of summertide, but this pattern had been broken by a few unseasonably warm weeks, much to the dry wilderness’ dismay. Slowly, the forest withered at the lack of rain, and its creatures swiftly followed suit.
Summer had made the local wolves into scrawny leftovers, ill-furred, and weary. One pack of thin wolves brushed up against each other, bracing for a midday hunt, then dissolved. A large, assuming male proceeded to reorganize the five wolves behind him, taking up the lead. The afternoon light, scattered by the leaves above, graced the male’s dark pelt. He looked regal, and rather dignified, for a male of his six years. White hairs only dreamed to taint his muzzle. The expression on his proud, black face was stiff and calculated, and he led his family with an air of certainty t
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Emmett by Koahara Emmett :iconkoahara:Koahara 14 0 the successor by Koahara the successor :iconkoahara:Koahara 6 0
when you cache all but the ribcage
I am the blood-drool:
the doe you stalked too long,
the skeleton you pricked with briars,
the one you marred with disease.
My breath fog dwindles
as the leftover sin of us
swallows my body whole
in the den of wolf teeth.  
I become the bile-soaked regret:
the bone-slurry you regurgitated
for a hungry someone else
to chew on and shit out.
:iconkoahara:Koahara 9 3
pour me, winter
Slur me under grey sleet:
drain me like you drain
green glass bottles and
translucent high balls—
alone. While you’re gone,
I’ll cut the crisp air
with amber Kahlúa and
warm up to wet coyote,
just to watch white snow
bleed water and
lose consciousness
in shitfaced black rain.
:iconkoahara:Koahara 15 11
european perfume
i remember
the reek of cigarettes
suffocating me in some
narrow european town,
lingering on the breath
of a sitting artist,
saying a coin for
your troubles please
or on the chest
of some douchebag
i put my arms around
who promised he'd
put my heart at ease--
as if he'd carry
that promise back to
the states
and think of me.
but those cigarettes
were never insurance
for dreams:
just a smell to obscure time
and stupid hopes
and a stain to wash away
from your mother's jacket
knowing you've changed
but you haven't the heart
to see the change in others.
:iconkoahara:Koahara 4 0
THE HOLLOW - Chapter 1
Two young gray wolf pups fumbled over rocks before triumphantly rising to the peak of their den. The verdant mossy overhang of their early childhood had been conquered, for they, after many failed attempts over weeks, had finally reached the top to survey the land around them. Their imprisonment to den-musk and darkness was over, and all their dreams of “the outside” were now fully realized: green, lazy forests stretched out all around their quiet meadow den underneath a sky of ocean.
For two, wide-eyed pups, this was what they had been waiting for— a world no longer shrouded in blackness, cramped by mud walls or overwhelmed by the smell of feces and milk, but a world bursting with color (to the best that wolf-eyes could detect), where a wolf’s only confines were the highest peaks and the lowest valleys, and one where a vast array of scents were carried, both fair and foul, for a wolf to delight or disgust itself with.
This was a world a wolf co
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Streaming now by Koahara Streaming now :iconkoahara:Koahara 7 2 YCH - Wolf Portrait 1 by Koahara YCH - Wolf Portrait 1 :iconkoahara:Koahara 5 0
THE HOLLOW - Prologue
the H O L L O W
The old white wolf puffed, her breath a stain upon the still air. Her crippled frame suggested death could claim her at any hour. That she still lived was a marvel.  
“He walks in the solemn whisper of night, when the clouds turn the sky sightless, and when the moon softens. If you stop, you can hear the ice crack at his coming, the birds' flight at his gait, and the woodland animals' recoil at his breath. The forest wilts with his every step. The bracken curls, then dies. Life erodes as death harbors within him.”
Her guest, a wolf much younger than she, listened intently, black-rimmed ears quipped. Solemn, honey eyes pooled as the darkness engulfed the alcove in which they conversed. She shivered as she tried to imagine the beast.
“A charming grin once resided on his face, by legend luring all ladies to his company.” She winked her old crusty eye, though sh
:iconkoahara:Koahara 5 0
WolfQuest Anniversary Avatar by Koahara WolfQuest Anniversary Avatar :iconkoahara:Koahara 23 2
the lion's tooth grave of prague
The sidewalk is dyed green again
with dandelion blood:
white wispy limbs litter the cobblestone
alongside the scars of bony stems.
I am not a witness,
only a passerby. I stand
in awe but not in sorrow
of the departed dandelions,
their souls crushed under street mower hell.
I pull a survivor from the grass
and breathe to strip it of its flesh
so that its wish is granted:
to not be left alone.
:iconkoahara:Koahara 77 34
advice on loving a wolf tree
don’t look at me
the way you look at the wolf tree:
roots abound, wild and astray,
my base unlike, dissimilar—
too wide.
my crown charred, snapped,
broken like my mind.
yes, i once grew up in a open space
only to suffocate those who came after me.
so i am unruly
but please don’t try
to saw my branches,
don’t make me fit in
your enclosed embrace.
don’t look at me
the way you would at something broken,
through a castle of ivy,
behind the shadow of a rock wall.
you should try to stop looking through cracks:
lower down your guard
to see me,
not to fix me
but to love me—
the wolf tree.
:iconkoahara:Koahara 10 5




Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
ABOUT ME: Koa (Alias) / 21 years / female
OCCUPATION: third year college student majoring in English, associate editor for a newspaper
INTERESTS: zoos, writing, wolves, wildlife management, politics, poetry, news, other animals, games, cocktails, cooking, art, and laughing at myself
ART STATUS: I am currently not accepting requests or trades.


kiriban sketch @ 36k. also still accepting commissions, feel free to roll through :)
Hi all,
Unfortunately, I no longer have access to Photoshop as my trial ran out so I cannot accept avatar commissions (or finish the project I was working on— yet) but I have other options available for you!

I am interning in DC this summer and need some extra money as it’s an unpaid internship (with an amazing, wildlife-related organization!!!) and my commuting costs will be high. I can manage most of it from my savings but the extra $20-$40 for $220/month is unfortunate in light of my tight budget already and I’d like some extra cash so my savings account doesn’t vanish entirely. I’d love to do a couple of simple sketch/experimental commissions this month and through June and July using Manga Studio. This would also be a great opportunity to experiment with a simpler style of coloring for me. See… for examples of my work/quality and how I do my payment.

Sketches - portrait $5 // fullbody $7
add color +$1 // $2 respectively
These will be smaller in size than below.

Simple colored portrait - $10

Simple colored fullbody - $15

Experimental portrait - $15

Experimental fullbody - $20

if you want a background or design we can talk about it/negotiate


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